Does the age in which we move in with someone impact the gendered difference in the relationship?

I have a theory.

But I really have no way to test it. So I figured I'd share it with you all here, and if anybody has had a contradictory experience, you'll tell me.

Here it is:
The more years that heterosexual people spend living independently as an adult (before they move in with a partner), the less likely they are to assume traditional gender roles within a household when they do move in with a partner. 

In other words, if a man has to cook and clean for himself for 5+ years, if he decides to move in with a woman after that time, he won't just unlearn his 5 years of cooking and cleaning. The guy will still whip up a mean lasagna and chicken noodle soup as often as he did before. And conversely, if a woman has to change lightbulbs, wash her car, and take out the trash for 5+ years, it's not likely that she'll suddenly stop doing it if she decides to move in with a man. 

So then, as the average age in which people get married increases, does the gendered difference in household participation decrease proportionally? (Not that people aren't living together without getting married...but in general...)

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