how women are interviewed differently than men

Women entrepreneurs are featured in the media quite often. But most of the time their features have nothing to do with the businesses they've built. 

Instead they get asked to do house tours-- to show off their homemaker skills-- and beauty interviews-- to tell us what makeup they use to make their face look just-so.

They get asked to share their workout routines and their morning routines and talk about how they balance work with motherhood. They get asked to show off their baby's new nursery or share their wedding photographs or list the staples they keep in their purse. 

We even get tours of their gardens, clips of their favorite recipes, and lists of their favorite new fashions this fall. 

But what I want to know is how they kept going when things got hard, how they stay relevant in a business world that moves so quickly. I want to know their thoughts about different types of marketing strategies and the first things they consider when developing new products. I want to know how they manage their team and what part of being a leader still feels hard. 

I want bossladies to be interviewed in the same way that male entrepreneurs get interviewed. With the same gravitas. With the same respect.