protecting your creativity

I have always done my writing in the morning.

My brain slows down around 11am., and I feel as though I'm operating on foggy autopilot for the rest of the day--creatively at least. So the hours between 8 and 11, that is when I do all my writing. (Except this post, which I am writing at 8pm. I'm already dubious about the result...) 

For a while, as things began to pick up with Bossladies, I was scheduling a lot of morning meetings. "Coffee dates" mostly, where I would drink tea instead of coffee and mildly resent the fact that I wasn't at home, sitting in front of my computer with candles burning and classical music playing, piecing together my thoughts into short essays.

Don't get me wrong, I love meeting other women for tea and rambling about life and business. I thrive on it. But I missed my writing time something fierce. So as the months have gone by, and I've settled into my role at Bossladies, I've become much more protective of those morning hours.

I savor them and keep them for myself as often as I can. I plan meetings later in the day and, frankly, take a lot fewer meetings than I did a few months ago. Because my creative output is one of the most important things in my life. It's something that makes me feel the most connected to the world, and it's my favorite way to communicate and contribute. I am a better person when I give myself time to write. A happier person at the very least. 

So, the take-away thought of the day? -- Know yourself intimately. Pay attention to your soul's rhythms and honor them. Because as a woman I admire recently said, "Self care is never selfish."