compassion of thought

I was a senior in college when I first heard the idea.

We were having brunch with one of Pete's mentors, an especially warm, thoughtful man named Jed, who worked at our college, when he told us about something he and his wife had been working on: compassionate thought.

As he explained it, and I'm sure I'm paraphrasing now, they were trying to be more conscious of the dialogues they allowed to play out in their mind. "Most of us spend time trying to be compassionate through our actions and our words," he said. "But how many of us pay attention to how compassionate we are in our thoughts?" 

It's been almost five years since that brunch, and Pete and I still talk about it often. It came up last night in fact. 

Because I think it makes us ask ourselves a fundamental question: are we kind because we want TO BE SEEN as kind or because we value bringing light into the world?