the beginning

This particular moment feels...saturated.

I think that's the best word to describe it. I feel so incredibly where I ought to be, doing the work I ought to be doing. It's as though I've pushed a tiny snowball off the top of a very tall mountain, and it's rolling down now, gaining momentum and mass as it falls. I truly believe that Bossladies will bring with it a sort of revolution, a new way of thinking, a quiet critique of old forms of media, and I'm proud to be guiding its direction and growth. 

But I certainly haven't always felt this connected to my work. There were many days, in my early time in LA, as I was fetching my boss's dry cleaning and dog food, when I felt underutilized. When my days didn't feel well spent. When I didn't feel useful or engaged. 

So, for all the other women out there feeling that right now-- I get you. 
Just know, it won't stay like that-- unless you let it.

As I put together the second issue of Bossladies, I've been spending a lot of time writing other people's stories. But I wanted a place where I could share my own. And not just Bossladies-related things, but other things too: my favorite bits of LA, my dreams and hopes and fears, the VW bus that my boyfriend and I are refurbishing, snippets of my favorite conversations throughout the week, books I'm obsessing over, editing projects I'm working on.

So I'm claiming this little nook of the web as my own, and here I will share those pieces of myself and my life with you.