how we handle problems that arise regularly

My little all-white kitten wakes me up several times throughout the night. I think she gets lonely and wants someone awake to keep her company. So she scratches at my bedspring cover until the noise wakes me and I either scold or pat her, depending on my level of exhaustion, and we all go back to bed. 

But this kind of interrupted sleep means that nearly every day I wake up tired. So last night, at 7:30pm, as I was reading and my eyelids began to feel heavy, I decided I was just going to go to bed. Pete's in Oregon for a few days, so I didn't even have to explain myself to anyone. I just brushed my teeth and hopped in bed. 

As usual, she woke me up at least five times last night. She was clearly more anxious than most nights. (She doesn't like it when Pete is gone.) Even so, I woke up at 6:45, ready to go. 

It got me thinking... how many other obstacles like this do I repeatedly encounter in a given week? Do I find ways to work WITH and AROUND them or am I continually expecting them  to disappear-- and feeling anxious and angry when they do not?