Questioning originality in business

Anyone who started their own business knows how this feels....

You have an amazing idea for a new product or service, and you think: no one else is doing this. HOW is no one else doing this? So you do a bit of research, and the playing field looks empty. So you start hashing out the project. You build out a mini business plan, consider what your branding would look like, think about how your messaging would read.

Less than 3 months in, as you probe more deeply into the niche world in which you are now invested, they come out the woodwork--or so it seems--all the competitors who are doing something eerily similar to you. Perhaps they've been around much longer than you, but you'd never heard of them. Perhaps they are new to the scene. Either way, suddenly your idea doesn't feel quite so original. Things feel like they could deflate in an instant.

When you get to this place, you have two options.
1. Let your imposter syndrome take control and decide to jump ship. Because if it isn't original, COMPLETELY original, is it even worth doing? OR...
2. Make a cup of tea, break out a notebook and pen, and really ask yourself: in what ways am I different? And how can I emphasize what sets me apart? Use the busy-ness of your industry as a challenge to create a product more original, more compelling, with more depth than anyone else. Give yourself permission to keep tweaking your mission, your messaging, and your brand as you push yourself further in this direction with every passing month. 

I'm going to put on a kettle of tea.