Hi there —

I’m Chelsea. In 2016 I founded Bossladies Magazine. Since then, we’ve published five issues of the magazine, created Worksesh, a weekly event series, hosted a series of Fireside Chats, curated a Brand Showcase, and produced a conference on a mountaintop in Malibu.

This year, my partner Pete and I starting a new brand that is very close to our hearts. It’s called Eredità. We’ll share more with you soon.

I’m interested in whatever is coming next culturally, whatever precipice we’re sitting on the edge of. Right now, I think we’re all craving slowness and an infusion of meaning. It will be interesting to see how that manifests in our endeavors.

I spend time in both Santa Monica, California and Rockland, Maine and call both places home.

Right now I’m reading Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking for the third time and Tracy K. Smith’s poetry collection Wade in the Water.

I’m happy to have you here.